Books & Bagels Friday 11/30 12pm

Graduate Student Association (GSA) and Office of Graduate Studies’s (OGS) present Books & Bagels on November 30th, 2012 at 12:00pm. Three student presenters are asked to prepare a 10-12 minute talk about their research and how their accomplishments will shape our world socially and technologically. Presentations are followed by a moderated discussion. Lunch (not just bagels) and refreshments will be provided.

***Immediately following Books & Bagels, we will have Tom Ipri, Liaison Librarian for Media Arts & Design, hosting library office hours Friday from 1:30-3:30pm. Take advantage of his knowlege and expertise in library resources, effective research methods and more!

Location: Graduate Student Lounge, Main Building, Drexel University

Can’t make it? Watch online (enter as a guest):

Meet the Graduate Speakers:
Jules Winters, PhD Candidate, BEES
“The effects of bulkheading on diamondback terrapin nesting ecology in Barengat Bay, NJ”
Barnegat Bay Estuary exhibits the highest development rate of any Mid-Atlantic estuary. As a consequence, bulkheading (hard shoreline stabalization) has increased 30% over the past thirty years along these shorelines, severely limiting the land-sea interface for wildlife. The diamondback terrapin (Malaclemys terrapin), in particular, requires the upland habitat that is blocked by bulkheading for annual nesting. To determine the effect of bulkheading on this threatened species’ behavior I looked at changes in terrapin movements and stress levels in relation to modeled bulkheading along their nesting beaches. Thus, using diamondback terrapins as a model organism, the goal of my research is to quantify the impact of coastal development (i.e., human encroachment) upon native wildlife. The results of my study will serve as a model towards effectively quantifying human-wildlife interactions and work towards sustainable coastal habitat use along Barnegat Bay and estuaries worldwide.

Kim Marcellus, PhD Candidate CAEE
“Understanding Construction and Demolition (C&D) Waste Decisions and Distribution in Urban Environments.”
My dissertation focuses on tracking a network of decision making parameters for urban developers to include recycling in construction and demolition (C&D) projects. This decision making network includes parameters represented by “nodes” in a belief network supported by expert elicitation and updated using Bayesian
statistical methods. I intend to apply my construction management experience to reinforce new concepts and sustainable strategies to the construction industry and research field of Solid Waste Management and Industrial Ecology. This enhancement will provide better predictions for C&D waste decisions and influence developers to incorporate sustainability in planning, construction, and rehabilitation of urban development projects by
diverting waste from landfills. My extensive industry experience, when coupled with my academic background create an inter-disciplinary relationship, greatly benefiting the industry while enabling me to educate people to create positive change and increase sustainability of the built environment.

Chris Castillo, PhD Chemistry
“Novel Functionalization of α,γ-Dinitro Compounds”
α,γ-Dinitro compounds are of interest because they are energy-rich chemicals with potential military applications and are also useful compounds as synthetic intermediates because the nitro groups can be converted to a wide variety of other functional groups. Here a new reaction leading to functionalization of α,γ-dinitro compounds at the site between the nitro groups is described.