Recognition Process

Recognition for Pre-Existing Graduate Student Organizations 2014-2015

As an existing graduate organization, you will need to complete the annual re-recognition process in order to have access to any Graduate Student Association (GSA) funding.

Dragon Link

First, please make sure to update your organization’s information and officer contact info on DragonLink (previously CollegiateLink) via the DrexelOne portal. If you are not able to update it, please contact Maggie Gordon, Student Engagement Coordinator, Student Affairs, Center City at or 215-762-1408 in order to update your officers and organization profile.

What is DragonLink? DragonLink is the system used by Student Affairs to manage all student organizations. Student organizations can use it to search other organizations, send mass emails and keep their profiles current!

Access DragonLink by following these steps:

  1. Log into DrexelOne
  2. Go to the “Campus+Community” tab
  3. Click “DragonLink” in the “Campus Involvement” box
  4. Click “Organizations”
  5. Use the directory or search option to find an organization

MANDATORY Student Organization Officer Training (SOOT)

Re-recognition will be done at this year’s Student Organization Officer Training (SOOT) on Wednesday, October 1, 2014 6-8pm in the Sky View Room of MacAlister Hall inside the Creese Student Center (6th Floor). All organization’s President, Vice President, and Treasurer (or equivalent positions) MUST ATTEND. Only officers who attend training are eligible to spend or receive reimbursement.

The goal of SOOT is to educate you on important University policies and procedures related to leading a graduate student organization. These policies are updated each year so it’s important to stay abreast. Additionally, the information will help you be successful in planning events and managing finances.

If you cannot attend SOOT on 10/1, you MUST set up a private meeting to do SOOT before you are eligible to spend any money. Please contact:

Maggie Gordon
Student Engagement Coordinator, Student Affairs, Center City

Annual Budget Request

Please do not forget to submit your 2014-2015 budget proposal via DragonLink by October 8, 2014 or you will not be eligible for funding this year.

The link for the form is: You must still submit pre- and post-event form for each budgeted purchase or event this year.

For questions about budgets, contact:

Yi-Hsuan (Cindy) Lin
GSA Treasurer

Important Contact Information

Following policies and procedures is key to having your event run smoothly. If you have questions about Drexel’s most updated policies, procedures, event planning, approved vendors, transportation, entertainment, contracts, off-campus events, events with alcohol, or graduate student organization registration, you should reach out to:

Phi Nguyen (pronounced “fee win”)
Director of Student Affairs, Center City

Maggie Gordon
Student Engagement Coordinator, Student Affairs, Center City

For questions about your organization’s annual allocation, budget, pre-approval for spending (purchase or event), and co-sponsoring with GSA, please contact:

Yi-Hsuan (Cindy) Lin
GSA Treasurer

For questions about how to process a check for a GSA approved event or purchase and for pre-approved officer personal spending and reimbursement, please contact the Office of Graduate Studies:

Sandra Golis
Administrative Coordinator, Graduate Studies

Tsz Kwok (pronounced “taz”)
Associate Director, Graduate Studies

Recognition for New Graduate Organizations


Maggie Gordon
Student Engagement Coordinator, Student Affairs, Center City

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