Recognition Process

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Recognition for Pre-Existing Graduate Organizations 2013-2014

As an existing graduate organization, you will need to complete the annual re-recognition process in order to have access to any Graduate Student Association (GSA) funding. Complete these 3 easy steps!

STEP 1: Organization Presidents- Click FY13-14 Graduate Student Organization Registration (GSA-Funded) on the DragonLink homepage and update your DragonLink page with the following information:

  • Official name of your organization
  • A brief description of your organization
  • Organization logo or picture (JPEG format)
  • Organization constitution and/or by-laws
  • Mission statement
  • Goals and vision for the upcoming year
  • Social media links for your organization
  • Contact information and student ID numbers for executive board members
  • Current roster listing the names and Drexel email address of current members
  • Name and contact information of your faculty or staff advisor (they should also complete the “Faculty/Staff Advisor Confirmation Form” on the DragonLink homepage)

STEP 2: Attend the GSA Summer Meeting if you are a new leader or executive board member/new officer for your group (other members are welcome to attend, as well!) – August 15th, 2013 OR contact Maggie Gordon ( in the Office of Student Affairs

STEP 3: Two or more executive board members/ officers- Complete the Student Organization Orientation Training (SOOT) Quiz SOOT will educate you on Drexel policies and procedures, planning events, and managing finances. – By November 8th, 2013

To access the SOOT Quiz:

  • Log into DragonLink
  • Click QUIZ 2013-2014 GSA Organizations (Graduate Students Only) link in the yellow information box on the DragonLink homepage

After completing these steps, your submission will be reviewed and you will receive a Recognition Statusemail from Student Affairs, Center City.

Important Dates:

  • July 17: Registration Opens
  • Nov 8: Registration Closes

What is DragonLink? DragonLink is the system used by Student Affairs to manage all student organizations. Student organizations can use it to search other organizations, send mass emails and keep their profiles current!

Access DragonLink by following these steps:

  1. Log into DrexelOne
  2. Go to the “Drexel” tab
  3. Click “DragonLink” in the “Campus Involvement” box
  4. Click “Organizations”
  5. Use the directory or search option to find an organization

Questions? Contact: Maggie Gordon, Student Engagement Coordinator, Student Affairs, Center City 215.762.1408

Student Organization Orientation Training 2013-2014

The goal of Student Organization Orientation Training (SOOT) is to educate you on important policies and procedures related to leading a Drexel University student organization. Additionally, the information will help you be successful in planning events and managing finances.

Upon reviewing this information in the following manual, you are required to take the SOOT quiz so please read thoroughly! That will then complete the recognition process on your end. Next, await to hear from Phi regarding your status. Let the fun begin!

Important Contact Information

As student leaders, you will need to contact members of Student Affairs and Graduate Studies for various questions and concerns as you plan events with your student organization. But don’t worry! This list will direct yo to the correct person or office to answer your inquiries.

Planning events can be challenging. In the office of Student Affairs, Center City there are Peer Advocate Leaders (PALs) to help you. These undergraduate and graduate students are peers who are trained to assist with the planning, marketing and even brainstorming of your special events. You can contact them at:

Peer Advocate Leaders
: 215.762.1400

Helpful marketing links/emails:

Following policies and procedures is key to having your event run smooth. If you have questions about policies and procedures at Drexel, contracts, and Graduate student organization registration, you should reach out to:

Phi Nguyen
Director of Student Affairs, Center City
: 215.762.8518

It’s almost impossible to plan an event without money. For questions about funding, event approval, and budgeting, contact:

Graduate Student Association/GSA funding procedures & forms –

President: Justin Mathew
Treasurer: Carol Sha
Vice President of Student Life: Adam Canver
Vice President of Academic Affairs: Kavan Hazeli
Secretary: Prashanth Abraham
Webmaster: Sofi Zolotukhina
Archivist: Alison Novak
Contact information:

Don’t forget to submit those receipts and other forms! Before and after your event, there may be specific funding forms to take care of including reimbursements and check processing. You will also need to submit ALL ORIGINAL RECEIPTS/INVOICES from your event. The OGS can answer any questions:

Office of Graduate Studies-
Taz Kwok, Associate Director (or Sandra Golis, Administrative Coordinator)
Office: Randell Hall, Room 240 (in Main Building)
3141 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Email: (or
Phone: 215.895.0366

Planning and Hosting Events on Campus

Planning to host an event on campus? The following section outlines important information you will need to know before getting started.

Using University facilities comes with a few guidelines and procedures. University facilities should not be used for commercial programs, fundraising activities, or for personal profit with the exception of programming designed to raise funds solely for the student organization’s activities and for charitable projects as outlined by the Office of Campus Activities. The use of University facilities may be denied if the activities interfere with the philosophy, missions, or goals of Drexel University.

Working with an organization or business with no Drexel affiliation? If you are having your event on the UC campus, it is important that you notify the Drexel Business and Events Services if your request is for, or co-sponsored with, an external organization. In such cases, a contract for use of facilities and a certificate of liability insurance is required. Rental fees may also apply. Student organizations planning events on any Drexel campus OR off campus wishing to contract external vendors, speakers, or performers must do so  through completing the Contract Request Form and emailing it to Phi Nguyen (, regardless of cost or payment. Student organizations are not authorized to bind their organizations or the University to any contractual agreement.

Why are contracts important? Contracts outline the expectations of both your organization and the vendor. They are a formal agreement to exchange goods and/or services for money. They protect you, your organization and Drexel University in the event things go sour. Because the language can sometimes be confusing and unclear, contracts are submitted to University Legal Counsel to make sure all is lawful with the agreement.

Catering rules differ by campus. If you are planning to host an event on the UC campus, you are required to use Chestnut Street Caterers if your event costs over $100.00. If under, $100.00 you must obtain a contract for the use of an outside, preferred vendor. For a list of preferred vendors, go here. There is also the option to submit a Request for Catering Exception form to use an outside vendor for events over $100.00 (please note: exceptions are granted on a case by case basis).

If you are planning to host an event on the CC campus, there is no mandatory vendor. However, vendors may draw up a contract for your organization. In these instances, you should submit the contract to Phi Nguyen. Student organizations are never allowed to sign contracts or enter into binding agreements. This must be done via University Legal Counsel. You should also contact the PALs in the office of Student Affairs, Center City for a list of preferred vendors and other suggestions.

It is never too early to book space for your event. Go to:

To make the process as smooth as possible,  make sure to know when reservation requests are accepted for the specific venue you would like to reserve. Check the schedule below:

General Purpose Spaces- Event reservation requests for the following spaces are accepted for event dates ranging from the summer quarter through the following summer quarter on July 1st:

  • Bossone Research Enterprise Center, 31st & Market Streets
  • Creese Student Center, 32nd and Chestnut Streets
  • MacAlister Hall, 33rd and Chestnut Streets
  • Main Building, 32nd and Chestnut Streets
  • Ross Commons, 34th Street and Powelton Avenue

Academic Classrooms- Classrooms requests are accepted beginning on the: Monday of the first week of October (Fall term)

Monday of the third week of January (Winter term) Monday of the second week of April (Spring term) Monday of the first week of July (Summer term)

Greenwalt Student Organization Development Center- Student organizations may utilize four (4) conference rooms, ranging in capacity from fifteen to forty-five people, allocated for their exclusive use.

There may be a time when you will need to cancel your reservation. If you need to cancel your reservation, you must do so in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • Meeting with no service requirements – two (2) business days in advance
  • Events/meeting in a major program space – seven (7) business days in advance

Failure to meet these deadlines will result in costs associated with arranging the event/meeting.

Need audio-visual support at your event? The Event & Conference Services Office hires and trains a group of Drexel University students (known as Drexel University Student Tech or DUST) to assist with audio-visual support for University City Main Campus events. Any organization that has an event on the University City Main Campus can utilize this audiovisual support service at a fraction of the cost of hiring an external sound company. Complete the form here.

To use audiovisual equipment on either campus, contact Instructional Media Services (IMS)

In need of a popcorn maker or karaoke machine for your event? Check out the Student Organization Resource Center (SORC) where you can use a variety of resources to make your event the most memorable.

Additional Policies

As a Drexel Dragon, your events should be inclusive, safe for all students and uphold the mission of the university. Please keep the following policies in mind when planning your events.

Drexel University does not tolerate hazing of any form or fashion.  No student should have to prove their worth or have to earn a right to be part of an organization. Student organizations are expected to know and abide by the hazing policy.  Should a violation of the hazing policy occur, the organization and/or its members will be subject to disciplinary action.

Know Drexel’s alcohol policy. Student organizations are not eligible to host on-campus events with alcohol without Department Sponsor or permission. The only opportunity to have alcohol is through a Department sponsor. Then, permission to serve alcoholic beverages at any on-campus event must be obtained from the Event Services Office by completing the Request for Alcohol/Release form. Departments may submit Alcohol requests using the form here. These forms must be approved prior to serving beer or wine. Liquor is not permitted and the sale of alcohol is not permitted on campus. Also refer to Drexel University’s policy regarding alcohol. All provisions of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the State Liquor Authority apply to Drexel University.

In this scenario, the department assumes all responsibility to ensure that all state, local, and University policies and procedures governing consumption of alcohol are adhered to. Additionally, the department must submit in writing a description of how they will maintain order and ensure no underage persons will consume alcoholic beverages. The Alcohol Release Form ensures that all departments are aware of state, local, and university policies regarding consumption of alcohol and have taken the appropriate steps towards compliance.

Some exceptions have been granted by Public Safety for graduate student events, however, the co-sponsoring college or department must submit the Alcohol Release Form with a plan for distribution/carding. In these scenarios, most groups hire a bartender to check IDs through University catering services. For further information about the Alcohol Release Form, contact the Event Services Office. This office has authority to determine with Public Safety what events may be eligible. The sale of alcohol is not permitted, as the University does not have a liquor license.


If a student organization receives permission to host an event off-campus, the event is permitted to have alcohol because it is the responsibility of the “3rd party vendor” (the restaurant, hotel, etc.) to ensure that no underage persons consume alcoholic beverages.

Student organizations are not able to sponsor an off-campus event if the establishment does not have insurance for distributing alcohol.


Student organizations are not permitted to host, co-sponsor, or attend events at bars, taverns or other establishments that make more than 50.1% of their profits from the sale of alcoholic beverages.

Recognition for New Graduate Organizations

Download the steps for this process here.
New Org Recognition Steps

Recognition Check List

Here is a checklist of items you need to have ready in a format such as a Word or PDF document before you complete the application process in DragonLink.

  • Official name of the organization
  • Summary of your organization description
  • Mission statement
  • Goals and vision for the upcoming year
  • Picture or logo for your organization (jpeg)
  • Your name and contact information
  • Facebook or Twitter links for your organization
  • Names, student ID numbers and contact information for all officers and executive board members (president, vice-president and treasurer are the minimum required) for the organization
  • Current roster with emails for members of your organization
  • Name and contact information for the organization’s faculty or staff advisor
  • Organization constitution and or by-laws (pdf or .doc)

If this organization has a national affiliation, you will need to have the address, phone, email, website link and the national by-laws or constitution in electronic format


This is the system Student Affairs uses to manage all the organizations. You will need to log on to Drexel One always and then click on the link from the Drexel One Page. Instructions are below.

  1. DragonLink can be accessed through your campus DrexelOne account.
  2. Log into DrexelOne using your Drexel user-ID and password (
  3. Click on the “Drexel” tab on the header bar and then click “DragonLink”, located in the left-hand channel labeled “Campus Involvement”
  4. You will be redirected into the Drexel DragonLink website.
  5. Click the “Organizations” tab and Search for your organization name

Student Organization Orientation Training, aka “SOOT”

The goals of SOOT are to educate you on important policies and procedures related to leading a Drexel University student organization.  Additionally, the information will help you be successful in planning events and managing finances.

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