Past Officers

2013-2014 GSA Executive Board
President – Justin Mathew, Mechanical Engineering
Vice President of Academic Affairs – Kavan Hazeli, Mechanical Engineering
Vice President of Student Life – Adam Canver, Biomedical Engineering
Treasurer – Carol Sha, Chemistry
Secretary – Prashanth Abraham, Mechanical Engineering
Webmaster – Sofia Zolotukhina, iSchool
Archivist – Alison Novak, Culture and Communication
Sports Chair- Jamie Kennedy, Mechanical Engineering

2012-13 GSA Executive Board
Jessica Snyder, President
Mitch D’Rozario, Vice President for Academic Affairs
Sean Wagoner, Vice President for Student Life
Daniel Fitzgerald, Treasurer
Kevin Freedman, Secretary
James Chacko, Communications Chair
Eric Peterson, Administrative Assistant Chair
Carol Shah, Volunteering Coordinator Chair
Cem Sahin, Technology Chair

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