Executive Board

2014-2015 GSA Executive Board

President: Nicholas Thompson, School of Public Health | nicholas.a.thompson@drexel.edu

Vice President for Academic Affairs: Sundar Ram, Electrical Engineering | sundarram.swaminathan@drexel.edu

Vice President for Student Life: Julia Richmond, Culture and Communications | julia.c.richmond@drexel.edu

Secretary: Nicholas Grodsky, Culture and Communications | ng429@drexel.edu

Treasurer: Yi-Hsuan (Cindy) Lin, Physics | yl654@drexel.edu


Contact Email: dsogsa@drexel.edu

Faculty/Staff Advisers

Dr. Teck-Kah Lim
Associate Vice Provost, Graduate Studies

Natalie Marciano
Director, Graduate Studies

Tsz Kwok
Associate Director, Graduate Studies

Maggie Gordon
Student Engagement Coordinator, Student Affairs, Center City Campus


2 thoughts on “Executive Board

    • Hi Zhengyuan- As a graduate student you’re already a “member” and should be receiving the GSA newsletter in your Drexel email. If not, please let them know you’d like to be added by emailing gsa@drexel.edu. If you’re interested in running for a GSA Executive Board Position, please see the info we sent via email to be nominated. Best, Sandra

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