GSA Gym Membership Policy

GSA Gym Membership

Graduate students who are online or considered part-time by the Drexel Recreation Center (i.e. graduate students who do not pay full-time graduate student activity fees and are likely enrolled in research, dissertation, or other assistantship credits and not taking 3 full courses during a term) can take advantage of a $28 term membership paid for by the GSA. The Recreation Center should take your name and information and directly bill GSA for your membership each term at the front desk. You can also return and sign up during each consecutive term that you are eligible for this program.

Graduate students who are taking 3 full courses (9 credits) and are paying full-time graduate student activity fees should already have a free membership and do not qualify for this program.

Please note: We are no longer accepting receipts and requests for reimbursement for term memberships via Check or Cash Request Forms.

If you have any issues, please have a Rec staff member contact the Office of Graduate Studies at 215-895-0366 (between 8am-5pm M-F) while at the front desk to verify your status and eligibility for a GSA Gym Membership. You can also contact us with any questions about this program.

Get Fit & Enjoy!

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