Graduate Fellow for Commuter and Transfer Engagement

FELLOWSHIP OPPORTUNITY: Graduate Fellow for Commuter and Transfer Engagement

The primary responsibility of this position is to hire, train and develop the Commuter and Transfer Assistant staff. The Graduate Fellow for Commuter and Transfer Engagement Coordinator will utilize the Office’s peer mentorship model to develop the student staff as mentors and leaders.

A secondary responsibility of this position is to develop and coordinate services and programs to enhance the commuter and transfer student experience at Drexel University by working with the Director of Commuter and Transfer Student Engagement and Office Peer Mentors.

-Recruit, hire, train, supervise, and evaluate Commuter and Transfer Assistants
-Coordinate and supervise programs and services developed by the Commuter and Transfer Assistants
-Oversee Office communication strategies and social media initiatives related to bringing awareness to the commuter and transfer community about University resources, services and programs
-Work with Director to implement Office transition programs such as Transfer Student Orientation and Commuter Connection Day
-Assist Director of CTSE with the strategic initiatives of the Office, i.e. serve on the Commuter Advisory Board, develop assessments to evaluate Office programs and student leadership, and educate the University community about the commuter experience

Students should send a resume and statement of interest to A.S.A.P.

The Graduate Fellow would be paid $15/hour. The work schedule is flexible, however, Fellow would need to be able to work on campus, during the day and, at times, early evening. The Graduate Fellow would be working 10-15 hours per week. The appointment would be Winter, Spring and Summer terms, and at that time, I hopefully would receive additional funding to continue the appointment.

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