Funding Procedures

I. Yearly Funding Allocation Process

1. Fill out completely the Event Application form for each proposed event. Include a cover letter with the following information:

a. Name of the organization,

b. officers’ names (at least the president and treasurer) with contact information,

c. previous yearly allocation, and

d. total current request.

**Note that only page one of the aforementioned document must be filled out for allocation purposes, but if the post-event (page 2) is not filled out within one week of event, the yearly allocation WILL be suspended until released by the Executive Board (if this happens twice the yearly allocation will be revoked, noting that an organization can still re-apply/apply for each event as described in this document (“Additional Funding”). Please refer to the above document for more information.

2. Submit (electronically) the completed form to the GSA Treasurer by the end of week 2 of the Fall Quarter

3. The graduate student organization will receive a written notice of the amount of their funding within two (2) weeks of the submission date.

4. Organizations can submit a petition of appeal within one week of the allocation notification. An appeal meeting between the officers of the daughter organization and the GSA Executive Board will be held.

 II.Event/Allocation Policies – Terms and Conditions

1. Funding of activities that will benefit the whole student body/graduate student community will be preferred over activities that are catered to subpopulations.

2. Limited funding will be assigned to events that duplicate activities already proposed on-campus and the proposing organization will be notified of the existing activity to foster collaboration and co-sponsorship of events.

3. Funding of activities co-sponsored by more than one student organization, both undergraduate and graduate, will receive priority. Funding of activities by organizations that have hosted successful events in the past will be preferred over proposed activities from non-active or newly formed organizations.

4. The budget of an organization that shows the ability to fund raise money will be increased, when possible, to enhance the entrepreneurial abilities of the organizations.

5. The budget of organizations that fail to spend the allocated funds will be decreased to the amount that was actually used the previous year. If the organization did not spend any funds, the following year’s allocation will be decreased at the discretion of the GSA Executive Board.

6. No budget will be allocated to organizations that are found guilty of using their funds in any other way than the ones approved by the GSA Executive Board or that are contrary to Drexel University’s Policies; funds previously allocated will be revoked and incorporated in the GSA budget.

7. All events and activities organized with GSA allocated money must be open to the whole graduate student community for at least half of the event and be advertised via email to the Information Division and other means of advertising. A participation fee can be imposed by each graduate student attendee however, every effort must be made to keep these fees to a minimum.

8. Notice of events must be given to the Information Division at least two weeks prior to the event; the host organization must submit a description of the event clearly indicating the place, the date and time. An organization that fails to give previous notice of ongoing events will receive a warning; two warnings will result in the revoking of the allotted funds.

9. The GSA Executive Board will consider co-sponsoring events/activities that are deemed of particular interest and have the potential to involve the whole graduate student community. This is true for all events even those using yearly allocations.

 Terms and Conditions

i) The funding of existing organizations will depend upon past year’s performance of the previously assigned funds. Performance is intended as the ability of the organization to entirely spend the previously allocated budget and the success and visibility of hosted events. Key factor(s): number of participants, enhancement of the academic/social experience of graduate students at Drexel, and/or fostering community building.

ii) Any organization that receives GSA funding can be subjected to a random audited on their organization expenses. Organizations that are found not complying with the funding/spending policies will be revoked funding and will not be able to apply for funding in the following academic year.

iii) Newly formed organizations will have two weeks from date of recognition from the Office of Campus Activities to apply for funding. The Executive Board will return a written decision within two weeks.

iv) So long as the events that use these funds follow all the guidelines, the daughter organization is free to use the funds at will (note that the organization must still email the Information Division to ensure that everything is in order; this is the only approval needed).

v) All decisions made after one week after notification and/or post-appeal hearings are final; organizations that failed to complete a proper application process will be denied funding.

III. Additional Funding

Reserve funding is granted on a rolling basis upon fund availability. Fill out the form entitled “Application for Additional Funding.” This funding is only available to organizations that did not lose their yearly allocations or found in violation of GSA or university rules and policies.

Events/activities organized with additional funding must be open to the whole graduate student body for the entire event.

The GSA Board must accept/reject the additional fund request within one week from the application date.

Organizations that fail to complete a proper application will be denied funding.

IV. Reserve Funding

Additional funding is available for every organization upon availability. Fill out the form entitled “Event Proposal.”

Events/activities organized with additional funding must be open to the whole graduate student body for the entire event.

The GSA Board must accept/reject the additional fund request within one week from the submission date of the application. Organizations that fail to complete the application properly will be denied funding.

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