• Founded in 1891
  • Runs on the quarter system based on the four seasons: fall, winter, spring and summer
  • 10 weeks of class, 11th week is final exam week, 12th week is break
  • Longest break is winter break (excl. summer break) in December
  • Located in the east coast of USA, specifically in Philadelphia, PA
    • Centrally located 2/2.5 hours away from NYC and Washington DC by bus
    • Approx. 7 hours away from Boston by bus
    • Other major cities and local PA suburbs
    • Neighbors with U of Pennsylvania and not too far from Temple University


  • 6-months internship program, typically paid
  • Depending on programs/majors, generally enrolled in either:
    • 4 + 1, i.e. 4 years program with 1 co-op
    • 5 + 3, i.e. 5 years program with 3 co-ops
    • 4 + 0, i.e. 4 years program with no co-ops
  • Cycles determined by university/program/other factors:
    • Spring-Summer
    • Fall-Winter
    • Non-enrolled co-op cycle terms = academic (in-class) terms
  • Automatically enrolled in CO-OP101 approx. 2 terms prior to co-op cycle
    • Learn about resume building, interview skills etc.
  • Assigned co-op advisor (separate from academic advisor)
  • Job search through Drexel – 3 rounds, independent search encouraged
  • Possible (and encouraged) to do international co-ops
  • Hours: typical is 40 hours weekly, some companies do slightly lesser or more
  • Pay: Ranges depending on major, academic standing etc. but to give a modest estimate, approx. $12 – $15/hourly for typical pay, $20+/hourly for high


For the moment, only a number of programs (MS, MBA, BS/MS, LeBow College of Business, MS, College of Engineering;MS, Biomedical Engineering, School of Biomedical Engineering, Science, and Health Systems; MS, Food Science, Goodwin College) participate. Available as a special “co-op” track, which may entail more time to completion for the degree, GCP enables students to accept paid positions in their career fields (i.e. go out on co-op) for up to six months during their degree program. These 6 months can either be the Summer-Fall or Fall-Winter quarters.

For all GCP students, full-time employment during co-op is considered an integral part of their educational process; therefore, they will retain their student status during the six-month period.


  • On-Campus
    • Dorms or apartment/suite-styled owned by the university
      • Price: Approx. $1000/month, thus $3000/quarter
      • Pricing varies on building, living quarters etc., may be less
  • Off-Campus I
    • Price: Varies but generally looking at $500 – $750 per person for a normal range, higher range could go up to $900+ per person
    • Pricing varies greatly depending on apt size, number of people sharing etc.
    • Building apartments – some suggestions, not comprehensive:
      • University Crossing (32nd St & JFK Blvd.)
        • Yearly lease, varying styles of apartments (1-, 2- bedrooms etc.) and lease is on an individual basis, i.e. you’re not liable if your housemates don’t pay the rent
        • More info: http://ucrossings.com/
      • The Domus (34th & Chestnut St)
      • The Axis (36th & Chestnut St)
      • The Courts (3500 Powelton Avenue)
      • The Chatham (20th & Walnut Street)
      • Westminster Apt (2223 Arch St)
      • Old Quaker (35th & Lancaster)
      • Hamilton Court (101 S 39th St)
      • Chestnut Hall (3900 Chestnut St)
  • Off-Campus II
    • House apartments – some suggestion, not comprehensive:
      • Housing around Powelton Village (north of Drexel University)
        • West Village
        • Realtor: New Age Realty
      • Housing around Center City (east of Drexel University)
        • Realtor: PMC Property Group
      • Housing near UPenn and halal market side (west of Drexel University)
        • Realtor: Campus Apartments
      • Housing near Chinatown (approx. 11th and Market St)
      • Housing near Old City (approx. 2nd & Market St)


  • PHL Airport Services
    • Door-to-door shuttle – Lady Liberty
    • Cab – flat rate of $28.50 without tip and extra charges
    • Train – get off at 30th St Station for campus, $7 or $8 one-way


  • On-campus dining options – Dragon dollars, blue and gold plans etc.
  • Supermarkets: Trader Joes, Shop & Bag, Whole Foods, Fresh Grocer – plenty
  • HALAL Market: Makkah Halal Market
    • Located at 42nd & Walnut St
    • Accessible via Drexel shuttle (Blue & Gold loop)
    • Another market is located at 42nd & Market (Madinah Market)
  • Mosque: Closest is Al-Jamia Mosque – opposite the Makkah halal market
  • Churches: Plenty, caters to the many different religious sects
  • Cinemas: Lookout for student rates or specials and weekly specials, i.e. Thursdays at the the Rave is $5 for any movie!
  • Parks: Rittenhouse Square, Drexel Park, Schuylkill River side


  • University City
    • Drexel and UPenn’s location
    • 30th St. Station
    • Schuylkill River
  • Fairmount Park area
    • Fairmount Park
    • Logan Square
    • Philadelphia Museum of Art
    • Rodin Museum
    • Academy of Natural Science of Drexel University
      • Note: Get in for free using your Drexel ID!
  • Old City
    • Home of the famous Liberty Bell, Independence Hall etc.
    • Near Penn’s Landing (by the river)
    • Indie cinema, Ritz (there are three locations) is located here
    • Famous old-fashioned ice-cream shop, Franklin Fountain located here
    • Lots of pubs/bars and restaurants (though on the higher price range)
    • Very quaint feel in general, regardless if you’re here day or night
  • Center City
    • Supermarket: Trader Joe’s
    • Lots of shops, for clothing: ZARA, H&M, LOFT, Banana Republic etc.
    • Mall (small) : Liberty Place
    • Lots of great restaurants with varying price ranges
  • Chinatown
    • Reading Terminal Market
      • Great place for inexpensive fresh produce!
      • Lots of fancy and unique eateries
      • Famous homegrown Philly ice-cream, Bassett’s located here
      • Others: Dutch market, Dinic’s for pork roast (famous), cheese stores
    • Asian supermarkets for your Asian cravings
      • Asian supermarket – yellow sign, entrance located at 11th & Arch St
      • Others at 11th & Race etc.
    • Seafood
      • Shop 1: corner of 10th & Arch St
      • Shop 2: along 10th street, between Arch & Race St.
    • For Korean supermarket which sells seafood, Asian food and general grocery items including fruits and greens:
      • HMart: Located at 69th St area, easily accessible via blue line westward
  • West Philly
    • U of Pennsylvania area
      • Bookstore at 36th & Walnut St
      • Bank of America branch at 40th & Walnut
      • Fresh Grocer (supermarket)
      • Rave cinemas
      • Saxby’s Coffee (great latte)
      • CVS – local pharmacy
      • Food court
      • Lots of great eateries along Chestnut & Walnut St
    • Between 40th – 46th St
      • African and Middle-East Muslim community
      • The Al-Jamia Mosque for Muslims
      • Makkah and Madina Halal Market
      • Lots of halal eateries – suggested, not comprehensive:
        • Saad’s: great chicken wings and fish cheesesteak!
        • Manakeesh Café: great everything!
        • Desi Chaat: great affordable Indian cuisine
        • Wa-Gi-Wah
        • Kaboobesh: great meat dishes


  • In general, varies person to person but modest estimations:
    • Housing – base rent: $550 – $600 (off-campus)
    • Housing – utilities (electricity, water and internet are common): $100 total for usual months, more for winter if apartment doesn’t have centralized heating
    • Groceries: $40/weekly
    • Transportation: varies, approximately < $20 if living on-campus (lots of walking)
    • Eating out: approx. $10 – $15 generally per visit (with tip)
      • Note: Tipping – minimum is 15% of total, 18% if feeling generous and 18 – 20% for groups of > 6
    • Textbooks: buy or rent online!

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